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World's first hairstylist community platform. Connect, create, and rate with fellow hairstylists for a trend-setting future.

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About Maneframe

Maneframe is the world's first platform designed to connect hair professionals. With Maneframe, you can create, share and rate content with others in the beauty industry. Our mission is to revolutionize the beauty industry by connecting passionate people and providing a platform for creativity and collaboration.


                                    of the content is user generated.


That's right we're an open platform.

We adapt to the needs of the community!

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Create • Socialize  Connect • Rate  Create • Socialize  Connect • Rate • Create • Socialize  Connect • Rate 

Our Features


Get in touch with like-minded people from the industry.

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Your products and create your brand.

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New & amazing people in your community.

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Unleash Your Potential

Industry Insight 101

Stay ahead of the game! Get the latest industry insights with our app.

Be A Trendsetter

Create new trends and become a thought leader with our innovative features.

Learn & Educate

Expand your knowledge and help others grow with our informative content and online courses.

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Collaborate with others to create something unique!
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